Roll Trim and Throttle Quadrant and the Console for that

I have this manual roll trim, because I have an autopilot roll servomotor, from Dynon. Both of these trim setups are very simple.

Pitch Trim

Pic#1:Here is the pitch trim as per plans, but the trim is on the pilot's side. The compression spring is on the inboard side and so there is no problems for the right leg of the pilot snagging or bumping this. This pic is before my Zolatone work.
Pic#2: This pic shows the enclosure for the from wheel. I used a stiffened enclosure to provide more midline support for the front landing gear and this is an aid in placing the pitch trim. 

Throttle Quadrant Base

There are several considerations for the selection of a throttle quadrant and the for the base (aka console) size and heigth.
1. The IP extends down with a 4.25 inch width, and so the throttle quadrant can be that width and not hinder the leg room. It's the hip area of seating that is at a premium in the Cozy.
2. With a shell construction, I get more space and allow for a better install of the friction adjusment knob on the side of the quadrant and switches. I will install the govenor shown in pic#1 inside the consol.
3. Placing the quadrant consol above the heat duct works out to have a better throttle position for me.
Pic#2: IVO govenor (for redrive equipped engines only). This is mounted vertically in the quad console after the calibration work is done. I will mount it to the left of the throttle quadrant along with the the two toggle switches for the IVO system. That gives me thrust control all in one area. There is still room in the quad console for the switches for lights in the area forward of the throttle quadrant. All of these switches and controls need the wiring to go aft in the cable conduit and so the "home run" is shorter.
Pic#3: hollow shell consol. I tacked in some supports, after the base was 95% cut through (half inch tabs left). I will trim the supports for the install of the throttle quadrant. They make it easy to hold the top of the console in position. This shell is floxed to the top of the heat duct and then later I cut the small tabs to provide for a removable console shell. The throttle quadrant is secured to the base with a base similar to the mounting bases for the gas spring on top of the seatback as seen in chapter 18.
Pic#1: The consol and conduit part are both formed from urethane foam and then glassed to shape. I added a seperate base on the conduit piece and then glassed over the conduit and extended the glass over the heat duct sides (not attached). The conduit is secured down with three midline Tee nuts and screws. 
Conduit flange: The throttle quadrant has to be mounted off center to allow for the friction knob to be adjusted. The routing for the throttle cable made it necessary to have a flange shape at the forward end of the conduit piece. The flange is about 3 inches wide. The conduit piece is 2.25 inches wide and 1.75 inches tall and rounded for comfort with seating. The layup is a 3 ply BID and this is in two steps. I added two base pieces that overlapped the foam 1/2 inch and then later added the top piece. The heat duct was covered with clingwrap for that.
Throttle console: The shape is 4.25 inches wide and 4.0 inches tall and 8.5 inches tall. I cut out for the manual roll control to be used. The layup was a 3 ply BID.  
Pic#4: The three lever Quadrant. This one is from AS (05-15945-F). It is 2.25 inches wide for the footprint opening and 3.5 inches tall. My mixture control is on the IP(EM3 unit from Real World Solutions) and so I have two spare  control knobs. There are some possible uses for these levers for cooling regulation, but I have to get into the testing phase for that.
Mounting of quadrant
See chapter 18 section 18-19 and pics#1&2. I will post the pics of the mounting bracket. The quadrant does not rely on the exterior shell for support.
Throttle cable:
Two sources are:
1.  http://www.cablecraft.com
and I when you go to that site, the local distrubutor/builder is available.
My local one is Fleetpride, at 835 Fesslers Pkwy, Nashville, 224-2853 and talk to Chris the cable guy. This is for a non-standard length.
2. 96" cable from AS- I got this one. I had to make a pivitoing arm to provide the correct pull angle on the throttle body. See chapter 23 for that.