Chapter 14 Centerspar

Note: I have the install of the CS to the fuselage in chapter 19. I did the CS to wings and CS to fuselage at the same time.

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The first picture shows the centerspar box with the forward side open. The second picture shows the bracing of the gig. I keep the CS on this jig until it was attached at the end of chapter 19, but I made the centerspar after the wings were made to match the CS to the wing, better. The third picture shows inside. You can see one of the inboard hardpoints. The next picture is of the layups precut and labeled. I added some internal corner support, but it was probably not needed. The first picture of the set below, shows the use of finishing nails to hold the supports in place. I floxed them in. What they did was make an internal BID tape for the forward face of the CS.

In the second picture, the aluminum inserts are in place. The glassing was nextThis same type "C" channel is used for making the electrical conduits.
I cut partially through at the bends to conform to the CS. The spar is done like the canard (see that chapter). The cardboard templates have mustard on them where the wing hardpoints are. I wanted to see that they matched up.

NOTE: Don't make these covers. In chapter 16, I installed the roll servomotor in the left cutout area and in chaper 21, I installed a header tank below the CS and made a FW/LG cover and so these are not needed, if you make that cover.